Hey there! My name is Michelle Speak and I have been teaching traditional drawing and painting for 17 years to all ages. My background in art started in high school with a few electives. I had some creative family members so I thought I'd try my hand at art. Little did I know that I would fall in love with it and even more so with teaching it. I studied art at multiple colleges before getting my Graphic Design Degree but that just didn't scratch the itch I had for getting my hands messy with paint! I started teaching drawing and painting to kids at Mission:Renaissance Fine Art Classes in Los Angeles in 2002 while continuing my studies in art. I then started teaching teen and adult classes and from there I moved into training the Instructors how to teach the classes to the public as the Quality Assurance Director and Staff Trainer. During this time I got the privilege of working directly with the founder and renowned artist Larry Gluck. I have experience with charcoal, pastels, watercolors, oil paint, impressionism, realism, cubism, acrylic, enamel, crafts, multimedia, graphic design, murals, still life, portraits, landscapes, animals, life drawing  - oh I could keep going but you get the idea! You can see my portfolio on instagram @michellespaintings

I live in Bettendorf with my husband Matt, our son Rez, our german shepard Rosie, two cats Eris and Birdie and our faithful bearded dragon, Frank.


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